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As a renowned and highly respected counseling center, Emotionet helps and supports open minded people who need more than just a warm shoulder to lean on. Emotionet helps people by offering practical advice and solutions, relieving emotional stress and anxiety.

Thomas Edelman will personally answer your email within 24 hours! He is committed to assist young, adult or senior people, especially people who can't access or afford the high costs of counseling clinics.

Affordable Fast and Convenient

To ensure that the counseling request is valid and to avoid fraudulent forms, Emotionet charges a small fee of $35 for the servicve. After filling out the counseling request form and making the small payment, you'll receive Thomas' reply within 24 hours!

Don't hide or ignore relationship problems. Start your personal email counseling now! If you feel that your personal problem requests more than one single counseling session, click here to request Emotionet's long term counseling service.

If you have any question before starting your counseling session please send us an email and we will reply shortly.

Counseling Request

Dear Thomas,

Me and my husband would like to thank you from the bottom of our loving hearts for your wise help. We've just moved back together and we are excited and happy like never before. We love you!

Christina and Martin

Hi Emotionet,

Thank you for bringing Paul back to us. He has always been a devoted and talented programmer and I'm really satisfied that he's back on our team. Everybody here is happy and thanks to your advice we will now be more sensitive to his needs. Thanks!

Tim Rosenberg, CEO

Mr. Edelman,

Although me and Eveline are no longer together, I want to thank you for your strong support and smart advice. You were right from day one and I'm grateful for opening my eyes. I'm much better these days. I'm dating now a new girlfriend, she is very nice to me. You are great!

Robert D.

Dear Thomas,

Just wanted you to know that Katie's parents accepted your idea and came over last weekend. It looks like it's all over and our kids will be using only one bank account. It has already improved the relationships in our family and we all agree that your mediation was helpful, inspirational and successful. Thanks a lot,


Dear Mr. Edelman,

Jim and I would like to express our deepest appreciation for your tireless and patient counseling. We are really happy to have each other and consider having a baby. Without your help I doubt if we'd share these wonderful and happy moments in our lives.

Marry and Jim

Hey Thomas,

I love you man! Don't get me wrong but every time I hold her in my arms I'm thinking of you. It's just that you brought back my baby and it's the whole world for me man! And I promise, I won't do it again!


Don't Hide or Ignore Relationship Problems

Untreated emotional distress will usually lead to depression and anxiety, quickly escalating to acute relationship problems with your environment. Don't let the situation escalate! Share your distress with people who can understand you. Ask for guidance that can prevent unnecessary breakups before they occur. Contact Emotionet because we can help!

Emotionet offers online relationship counseling that can ease emotional stress and improve your wellbeing. Feel free to ask any questions you may have before starting the counseling session.