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Practical and effective advice on how to cope with personal relationship and marital problems.

Welcome to Emotionet

Emotionet is a renowned and highly respected relationship counseling center. We provide online counseling and guidance to overcome troubled marriage, family and break up relationships.

Using online email sessions we guide, support and provide practical advice to overcome emotional stress, improving people's feelings and lives.

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Marriage Counseling
Marriage Counseling

Counseling designed to help you make sense out of confusing emotional problems, focusing on pattern(s) that trouble your relationships.

Relationship Counseling
Relationship Counseling

Counseling that helps people overcome daily emotional obstacles and difficulties in their relationships with partners, family members or co-workers.

Sex and Sexuality
Sex and Sexuality

Counseling that copes with the difficulty to talk about your sexual selves and sexuality, dealing with the most personal questions about sexual behaviors.

Don't Hide or Hold Back Emotional Problems

Untreated emotional distress will usually lead to depression and anxiety, quickly escalating to acute relationship problems with your environment. Sharing your distress with people who can understand you and receiving proper guidance can prevent unnecessary breakups before they occur and bring huge relief. Emotionet can make the difference!

Emotionet offers convenient affordable private online counseling, with the purpose to ease emotional stress and improve your wellbeing. Feel free to ask questions, request advice and receive the help and support you need for overcoming your emotional stress and difficulties.